The Door Commander Group

A core of people within the industry which bring a solid reputation earned by decades of experience.....

Door Commander is a consulting service knowledgeable in the Door, Frame and Hardware Industry related to Commercial Construction.

From Core and Shell, Tenant Improvement, Medical, Industrial, Hospitality and beyond we align you with the right sub

Founded on the principal of ensuring quality products as specified are installed on each job.

Our Services:

• Aligning you with the best Door, Frame and Hardware Subcontractor.

• Reviewing Submittals and Shop Dawings as compared to the Plans and Specifications.

• Field Inspections of Product and Installation Compliance. Both before and After.

• Pre-Bid Jobsite visits to confirm the currently installed Building Standard Products.

• Working with Building Engineers to help use-up left over Building Stock.

• Architectural Hardware Consultants on call to answer Code and Compliance questions.

• Project Management Services - Procurement of Materials - Labor